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Tina shares her struggles growing up, recovering from a suicidal journey through alcoholism and healing from a rare cancer of the heart that nearly ended her life. Tina is looking forward to share her inspirational journey as she Redefines Self Care” and seeks to help inspire you to set your best self free!

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1. Set Your Best Self Free
2. Mental Health Is The New Superpower
3. Addictions: Much More Than Will Power

"Sometimes I feel like I'm pushing the envelope with what my mind and body can handle."

Living well is not easy or simple. With fast-paced lives full of responsibilities that are outside of ourselves, self-care can be one of the hardest things to do or really put on the daily agenda right up there with breakfast.

So, this is it. It comes down to knowing ourselves, our unique recipe for wellness, and having the courage to do what is needed…to be true to ourselves.

It is never too late to have a life we love to live…and keep it. One that we own and thrive in.   

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"Tina Ruysseveldt, has written a gripping memoir about her struggles growing up in a neglectful family, recovering from a suicidal journey through alcoholism and healing from a rare cancer of the heart that nearly ended her life. Tina is a Warrior of the First Order, and a Status Indian who honours her past, and yet is not bound by it. Her memoir includes a powerful "LiveWell Recipe" that she credits with saving her life, and that she is keen to put in the service of other people who despair of ever living lives of wholeness and happiness."
Susan Crossman
CEO and President, Crossman Communications
The Courage To Be True, is a compelling read of Tina’s own journey where we witness triumph over life experiences fraught with sorrows and disease. Her “LiveWell Recipe” is prescribed with honesty, strength and candor that I find inspiring and extremely relatable, regardless of one’s own truths.
Jennifer Keeler
Coordinator/Nurse Practitioner SADV Services
Thank you for your courage to bear your soul so we can learn from your experience and gain insight and strength through your journey.  I feel so much more that I just can’t put it into words, but I hope you understand the momentous impact you sharing your story had on me.
Samantha MacNeill
RN, Sane
Incredible, on so many levels. It read as a story of truths, and a workbook full of golden nuggets that I can apply to my life. It opened my eyes to the world of addictions. A real page turner and I became excited to build my own LiveWell Recipe.
Carmela Scarff


A breathtaking tribute to the power of the human spirit, we can all relate to.

In this stunning debut, Tina Ruysseveldt courageously shares her story of descending into Hell and back. Tina gained indispensable insights during this journey to the awakened side of life which she captures in this book with truth, wisdom, and clarity. Tina gives the best definition of self-care and creates space for the reader to embrace it in a meaningful way. You will be astounded by Tina’s story, and inspired by her message.

Dr. Lance Secretan
Best-selling Author, Advisor to Leaders,
Founder & CEO of the Secretan Center


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