How do you look at change?  As an annoyance or something to be avoided. As humans we are wired to resist it, heck, sometimes there is fear of the unknown all wrapped up in it.  So many of us, simply avoid it, at all costs.  Except the cost can become increasingly high.  What if we began to look at CHANGE as the good spot to land on in a board game?  Let’s do an optometrist move on this and change the lens on change. How bout that.  Close your eyes for a moment……. Envision the lens to go black and then open up to a new perspective.  Where CHANGE is seen as the prized spot of opportunity.  Now let’s think of one small change you can make to help you get what or where you want.  One attainable action towards good. Something that will be the beginning of something that changes everything. Yes!!!!

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