I love the simplicity and truth of this statement. “The more you move, the better you feel.”  It stems from being on both sides of the health care system, as both the patient and the caregiver. In my work as a Nurse and as a cancer patient (8 years ago).  What I also love about it is moving helps you and meets you where you are at. So, there is no excuses.  I have seen patients in the ICU only able to move their arms and legs but a flicker.  They did what they could, kept at it and got better, because  the body is designed to move.  We have to move.

In my own recovery from cancer after losing 23 lbs and being laid up for months, the first activity aside from walking to the bathroom or in Princess Margaret Hospital for my treatments was jogging on the spot in living room floor.  Bit by bit, and degree by degree my health and strength returned.  The act of jogging on the spot for just 30 seconds elevated my mental state and greatly contributed to my recovery and reconditioning process.  Both physical and mental health are impacted (in a good way) each time we GET MOVING and this is the meets you where you are at. Moving our bodies can be an almost immediate elevation and alleviation of both mental and physical pain or discomfort. 

Underneath all of this is the fact that our bodies have the amazing capabilities to work with us. And there’s the catch, WORK WITH US. It’s not a solo game at all. We have a part. Over the years I have seen that it has always been the patient that moves any amount they can plus that extra ten % to push to a new goal like Olympians do with achieving PB’s that have the wonderful recovery and outcomes that are etched in my mind. And I have been known to honestly say “The more you move the quicker you get better” to my patients.  Because it is true…… and knowing the truth and hearing the truth helps. I LOVE TRUTH.).  So here it is, if you are reading this and thinking I would like to move more, go for it. Be a Nike Hero.   “Just Do it!  One step at a time, one attainable action at a time. We can get there.

 Participate in elevating your mental and physical health. Download the Step App on your phone and challenge yourself with a friend.  It’s a lot of fun to check in with a friend or partner and say “How many steps did you get!  The other thing about this post is that moving our bodies is self-care. Self-Love and the other true fact is we only have and get one body and I believe that it LOVES when we care for it as it deserves.

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