I want to help myself. Or rather maybe it should be…I need to Meditate. My body was failing me. It scares me today to think how far and hard I pushed myself. Pouring lethal amounts of alcohol into my body and living an anxiety ridden existence. As I write this, all the cells in my body quiver at the frenetic frequency that for the most part, I lived in. Choices and lifestyle year after year left me there.

  Thank God I was given a second and a third chance. I know I can’t push the envelope. No more denial, no more “I’m exempt kind of thinking”. I used all of that up. Illness has taught me that I must put effort towards my well-being if I want to keep my health. I have also experienced that I don’t always wake up feeling chipper and good. But I want to feel good so badly. I have struggled with this much of my life. Even as young girl, I remember wanting to feel different in my own skin. Maybe that’s why I named one of my meditation singles….”I Want to Feel Good”, because it was something I searched and longed for.

  What has helped me, and is an ingredient in my LiveWell™ recipe, is the tool of meditation. Meditation is like the baking soda in a cake recipe. I’m just not good without it. It helps prevent my body from failing me again and allows me to dance a safe distance away from the fringe of suffering. I have also experienced that if I don’t wake up feeling so good, I can change that with my LiveWell™ Recipe, and my meditation. And if you are new to this age-old practice (Thanks India)My intent of this share is to suggest, you think of it like water. If we are not properly hydrated, we feel it mentally and physically. We feel tired and get headaches. The same applies to meditation.

  If we begin to practice meditation, you will receive the benefits. I am going to give you step by step and bits of information to guide you. Next thing you know, you become one of those people that say……. “Yes, I meditate too” and your mind and body will thank you. Click on my linktr.ee to give it a try. Download one of my free meditations. Share in the comments “I did it” if you gave yourself some meditative love today or if this is new for you put it out there. 

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