The forest through the trees. We all want to see it. For me, this age old saying means to see the big picture. I remember back when I was a teenager and my world wasn’t feeling so good. It was a scary place for me back then. I do remember feeling scared and even weary. What I did was to put one foot in front of the other and I told myself that I wanted better, different….more.

Whatever your version of challenge is in this moment, it helps to remember the end game.

So, if in this moment you are scared, overwhelmed, impatient or you are just not sure. Hang on.

See the forest. See though the trees. Believe you will get there.  And along with that, participate in the unfolding. Here is a quick suggested tip.
Manifest it. By doing 2 things.
1. Believe 2. Do one small thing to get closer to your goal.
Take any small step towards your chosen goal. Ahhhhh. That feels better all ready.

May you see it.  May you believe it!

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