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The Courage
To Be True

By Tina Ruysseveldt

ICU Nurse Tina redefines the meaning of self-care as she takes you on the journey she has traveled as both the patient and health care professional to the other side of addictions and cancer.

Tina’s compelling real-life story is a riveting account of how to let the truth be to your advantage.

This is a powerful tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

An over 230-page hardcover, paperback, E-Book, and audio book loaded with takeaway tips that will inspire you to take action and build your own personal LiveWell Recipe™.

With the principles made clear and simple, readers are fueled with an empowered sense and belief that they can achieve a level of wellness that previously may have seemed unattainable.

Readers will receive a road map to help grow and evolve as they find their own Courage to be True, and Set Their Best Self Free.

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In this stunning debut, Tina Ruysseveldt courageously shares her story of descending into Hell and back. Tina gained indispensable insights during this journey to the awakened side of life which she captures in this book with truth, wisdom, and clarity. Tina gives the best definition of self-care and creates space for the reader to embrace it in a meaningful way. You will be astounded by Tina’s story, and inspired by her message.

Dr. Lance Secretan Best-selling Author, Advisor to Leaders, Founder & CEO of the Secretan Center

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Tina shares her struggles growing up, recovering from a suicidal journey through alcoholism and healing from a rare cancer of the heart that nearly ended her life. Tina is looking forward to share her inspirational journey as she Redefines Self Care” and seeks to help inspire you to set your best self free!

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