I Can Meditate: 2 Simple Steps (Gift Card)

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I Can Meditate: 2 Simple Steps (Gift Card)


I Can Meditate: 2 Simple Steps:
We can all do anything for 3 minutes. Let’s not wait until we are suffering. Keep it simple and just sit.  At minimum you will be honoring the need we all have to slow down the pace. To dial down the nervous system.  Slow your heart rate down. Stop multi-tasking for a few moments. Or maybe it is to sort out a few thoughts in the mind.  The truth is the only wrong way to meditate is to just not do it. Take the first small step as I guide you comfortably through a two-step process to becoming more comfortable with this age-old healthy process and participating in helping yourself feel better.
10 min | 1 Track
Step 1 (I will) 3 min
Step 2 (I am!) 7 min 

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