The Courage To Be True

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The Courage To Be True



Tina’s story is a gripping tale of overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles while learning along the way and ultimately coming through to the other side.  Her compassion and candor is refreshing and her story is near impossible to put down.
Everyone will find something to relate to in this book as Tina shares her story and her secrets to leading a healthy and happy life. You too can adapt her methods into your life to achieve your own best self.

Shannon Bruce

I realized how hungry I was to be well and I was inspired to make some positive changes in my life.   It made such a difference

Jeanette Mabberly

What an inspirational read! Through the brutally honest telling of Tina’s lost childhood and road to addiction, she lends to me authentication to her LiveWell Recipe by the reality of her metamorphosis to the other side. Tina shows me how I can apply her method to any situation of change in my own life. I would recommend this book.

L. Walker



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