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Find out how meditations can help you feel and live better. I invite you to join me to experience how meditation can be a resource and a gift of a grounding.
To give you a strength that is not ordinarily your own. A superpower in your own life.

Meditation Singles

Basics & Benefits – Single

How?  Why?  Even though meditation can seem simple, it helps to be guided through the HOW.  And as humans it helps to be reminded WHY we do the things suggested.  Did you know that just 3 minutes of meditation can change your brain waves?   The basics and benefits are beautiful. And so are you. $1.99 USD

Beating Burnout (Help) – Single

Do the words “Unsustainable Pace” resonate with anyone? Too many of us. Let’s take one small step to make change before life makes it for us. We’ve all been there: pushing ourselves past the point of exhaustion and letting the stress of our daily lives take its toll on our minds and bodies. Tune in to where you are today and consider what a small change that you could do might look like. Sit in this specialized, interactive meditation to help you redirect yourself onto a much healthier path. $1.99 USD

I Can Meditate: 2 Simple Steps

We can all do anything for 3 minutes. Let’s not wait until we are suffering. Keep it simple and just sit. At minimum you will be honoring the need we all have to slow down the pace. To dial down the nervous system. Slow your heart rate down. Stop multi-tasking for a few moments. Or maybe it is to sort out a few thoughts in the mind. The truth is the only wrong way to meditate is to just not do it. Take the first small step as I guide you comfortably through a two-step process to becoming more comfortable with this age-old healthy process and participating in helping yourself feel better. $1.99 USD

Kick Start Your Day – Single

We have more control over the unfolding of our days than we take ownership of OR give the Universe credit for. Does the phrase “artists of our own masterpiece” grab you? It should, because you are. Start your day out on the right foot by hitting the pause button, choosing the right channel and sitting for a few minutes. I choose to co-create my day.  $1.99 USD

Meditation Albums

Addicted No More – (Album)

We can all use help to override our default setting that leads us to an addictive behavior. Maybe it’s work, drugs, shopping, alcohol, eating or eyes are glued to a screen. Free yourself of your addictive tendencies and habits as we sit to support our best self. We all know any addictive behavior is not serving our highest. Come sit with me to be reminded that you are bigger. You are better. $7.99 USD

Beyond Cancer – (Album)

No doubt, supporting our mind and our body becomes of high importance, no matter where on the Cancer journey you may be. As a Nurse and also a person who is 8 years on the other side of cancer. I have been witnessing to the amazing capability that our bodies have to work with us. INCREDIBLE! The catch is, “WITH US” which means, we have to do our part. Beyond Cancer Meditation is a great way to support both your mind and your body. $7.99 USD

Care for Nurses – (Album)

The health of our nurses is perhaps at a critical crossroads. Many of us are front line at home and work to the point where we are just barely hanging on. The pace of home life plus the emotionally and physically work stress we endure on a regular basis is unsustainable. Before we breakdown, let’s build ourselves up. This meditation album is designed to support Nurses in their own self-care. To help combat the effects of stress and anxiety on our mind and body. $7.99 USD

LiveWell™ Launch – (Album)

It’s unanimous. We all want to Live Well. In fact, we are all hungry to LiveWell, we just don’t know how to or where to start. This album is designed to empower and inspire you to take the first step on your LiveWell™ journey. The starting point is now, and the end point is living a healthier more satisfying life. We cannot deny the power of accountability, so I encourage you to harness that power and do this album together with a friend. Track by track, as you would a Book Club. $7.99 USD

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